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  • The office is the place where any workflow, if well organized, becomes creativity. Consider the nuances of decorating a recreation area in offices.

    The office is the place where any workflow, if well organized, becomes creativity. Generation of many original ideas, collective work of employees united by a common goal, solution of various tasks for business expansion – all these are moments of successful development of any company. The effectiveness of the work of the entire team depends on the competent organization of the working day of employees, where interior design plays an important role.

    A man is not a machine that works for hours according to a given algorithm. To create a stress-free work environment, it is advisable to organize a place where emotional relief is possible. The design of commercial premises provides for the organization of a rest area for employees in the office, in which both physical and mental relaxation can be carried out.

    A few points when designing a rest area

    1. Whether it is a separate room or part of a workspace, such an area can look like a “sofa” room. Upholstered furniture is installed here, surrounded by coffee tables and bookshelves. You can install a TV here. This creates an atmosphere of comfort, where employees can immerse themselves for a short time during the day to change the environment. Furniture in a recreation area should be distinguished by a lack of formality and bright colors, adding creativity to the overall interior design of such a place.
    2. Another principle of creating a space for emotional relief is the creation of a coffee break zone. Unlike the first option, here employees can relax near the bar, next to which you can drink a cup of invigorating coffee or a glass of chilled juice. “Standing” rest will appeal to many employees, by the nature of the work of which the working day is spent in a sitting position.
    3. Sports activities are the key to the physical health of employees and the presence of positive emotions. Realizing this moment, Design Prof studio offers to organize a small gym as a recreation area. Here, through physical activity, employees can reduce the impact of stressful situations, and various physical exercises will improve blood circulation. And what to organize, a small sports corner or a real gym, depends on the company’s capabilities.
    4. Design Prof specialists draw attention to the fact that in order to create comfort in the recreation area, it is desirable to place various decorative elements. If the room is intended for relaxation, it is a good idea to set up an aquarium, indoor fountain, flowerpots with plants there. Luminaires play an important role, the correct placement of which will create the right atmosphere. And the presence of awards and diplomas, company logos and other items with symbols will help direct the thoughts of employees in the right direction.

    Every detail is important in the design of commercial spaces. Therefore, in an office space, creating a rest area, you need to think through every element of the environment so that this place best suits its purpose. The productivity of the entire team will depend on this.


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