Project management

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  • Any work involve organization and control. No matter how professional a person is, it is necessary that someone monitors the quality of the order. Therefore, You will not waste Your time and leave the supervision function to our manager who will control the progress of the project.


    DesignProf provides a full range of project implementation services, taking full responsibility for its implementation. We ensure the implementation of the project in the shortest possible time with professional project management, which includes planning, coordination and control of work.





    Project management includes:
    • Collection of initial data for design;
    • Coordination of project documentation;
    • Development and approval of the project concept, feasibility study;
    • Development and control of project implementation and financing;
    • Working with contractors, manufacturers and suppliers;
    • Development and control of the project implementation schedule;
    • Control over the compliance of the design documentation with the customer’s specifications and building norms;
    • Control over the compliance of the estimate documentation with construction standards and norms, and the market value;
    • Control of project implementation (operational planning of project implementation, control over compliance with deadlines, cost control, quality control);
    • Commissioning of the object


    Due to the fact that the entire project is managed by one company, one company is also responsible for it. You do not need to separately search for a designer, builders, suppliers of materials and furniture. It makes it possible to conduct parallel development of the design project and start of repair work, which reduces the overall project implementation period.


    A well-functioning planning system and communication with contractors (suppliers of materials and specialists of narrow areas) allows You to quickly receive the necessary finishing materials, lighting and equipment.


    By managing the project, the DesignProf team strives to implement the project on an acceptable budget, of high quality and in a short time.


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