Create your ideal space

We focus all our efforts on the quality of work, meeting deadlines, optimizing costs and saving the Client's time

Our projects

Create your ideal space

We focus all our efforts on the quality of work, meeting deadlines, optimizing costs and saving the Client's time

Our projects

Create your ideal space

We focus all our efforts on the quality of work, meeting deadlines, optimizing costs and saving the Client's time

Our projects
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    transparency of estimates and work processes



    reduction in terms of turnkey project implementation



    reduction of project implementation costs


    DesignProf (belongs to Uilliam Properties) is specialized in design, integrated project management and turnkey construction. We are creating spaces for work and life since 2012.

    Leading specialists of the DesignProf company fully control the process at all stages of the design regardless the scale and complexity of the project.

    We specialize in architectural and engineering design of buildings or centers and the design of corporate interiors or public spaces.


    pecialists from various fields, which makes it possible to develop complex solutions and participate in all stages of the project.


    high-quality projects aiming to achieve high results and help our customers in all matters related to the provision of architectural, engineering, structural and construction


    the rented space into an environment for generating ideas and shaping the effectiveness of work processes.


    companies of any scale to organize or quickly adapt business space in rented or own commercial space.

    All DesignProf employees play a key role in the success of the company, so we always strive to create the most comfortable and unique environment for everyone!

    Design offices Kyiv by DesignProf

    Exclusive interior design


    Our team consist of professionals in the field of design and architecture. We carry out works of different levels of complexity, therefore, the range of our services includes various stages of work.

    Please contact us if you are interested in creating a turnkey project or author’s interior design of a house. Talented and experienced specialists of the DesignProf will make your premises unique.

    Interior design is a selection of exclusive and competent solutions in accordance with all the tasks set by the customer. Our experts will help you to visualise all individual wishes and create coziness taking into account the most fashionable trends.

    You can order a high-quality design of individual rooms or the entire cottage, apartment. The decoration of an office, penthouse or any other premises will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the technical assignment and deadlines.

    Correctly selected details, interesting findings, modern technologies and the designer’s vision will help transform any room. And you can achieve exclusivity by ordering the author’s interior design of the house. The best architects, designers and a team of experienced builders will do everything to ensure that the interior design is admired and functional to clients.


    DesignProf provides the services with professional team of designers and architects who are capable of bringing the most daring ideas to life. We work with orders of any complexity, so the range of services will impress you with its diversit, a high-quality equipment and maximally creative approach of completing the assigned tasks.

    We offer not just the design of a Kyiv house, but also an original design of the office, a cottage or a city apartment. Talented and qualified specialists are always there for you.


    Home interior design


    Home interior design is a complex of competent solutions based on the customer preferences.

    Our specialists will solve any problem as soon as possible, create and implement bold and original projects. Here you can order the decoration of individual rooms, as well as of the whole house.

    Our main advantage is the creativity of the team, thanks to them it is possible to identify the right details, find interesting solutions and create a truly unique design of the house. Our mission is to create a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The most demanded directions for today are:


    • modern classic;
    • minimalism;
    • provence.


    Neoclassical style is frequently mentioned by clients when discussing the future of home design. This direction is suitable for those who cannot fully decide what the interior should be. Modern classics are sort of a compromise, which is characterized by the phrase: not too conservative, yet not too extravagant. Harmony in tones, restraint, elegance, straight silhouettes and embossed texture are all describing the neoclassical style.

    In this design, our specialists try to combine the comfort of a city apartment and the cosiness of a classic decor, creating a balance between clean lines and neutral tones. During the work process of approved design project, it is possible to correct some details. This style is most often called the golden mean, since it is able to meet the needs and expectations of the half of country’s population.


    Cottage design


    Indeed, noticed compromise in the interior of the house characterizes its owner as a person who honors traditions but still, always open to modern ideas. You will love the neoclassical design of the cottage if you are a diplomat by nature, preferring restrained colors and traditional decor instead of pretentious, outrageous elements.

    Minimalism is suitable for those who love laconic combinations with well-placed accents. This style is dominated by white, which is successfully combined with black, gray and shades of brown. In addition, a feature of the design in the style of minimalism is the use of textured elements, for example:

    • a natural stone;
    • concrete;
    • bricks;
    • wood.


    The above materials are complemented by metal, glass or plastic parts to create a discreet and calm interior. As for furniture, the minimalist interior design of the apartment involves the installation of built-in and transforming structures. Typical models are multilevel wardrobes, bed-wardrobes, etc.

    The Provencal style differs from all others in its special home comfort; therefore, it is optimal for decorating country houses. It is dominated by pastel colors, complemented by floral patterns. Interior design most often involves painting the walls instead of the usual wallpapering. Lighting is also important, so housing should be spacious and with a lot of windows. Furniture is selected in such a way that it can fulfill not only a functional purpose, but it also plays a decoration role. Moreover, it must be artificially aged.

    For example, rooms are often decorated with antique wooden chests of drawers, chairs with carved legs, etc. Our specialists always take into account the details, trying to correctly place accents. Provencal houses are decorated with decorative elements with herbs and flowers. Forged products are often used to decorate lamps, photo frames, hangers and beds.

    In addition to the already existing directions, our studio offers to order the exclusive interior design. Original, fashionable things have always been in price, as they are the embodiment of the author’s imagination. The specialist will offer you several ideas to choose from, and you can contribute in the form of wishes and special requirements for style and functionality. The designer will tell you whether it’s worth starting everything from the beginning, or it’s better to work with existing resources. Exclusive interior design will definitely make your home stand out from the rest of the buildings and will also make an indelible impression on your guests.


    Turnkey interior design

    You can also order a turnkey design from us, which will allow you to look into the future and see how your home will look in the near future. As part of creating a project, specialists consider all the options for decorating the premises, methods of redevelopment and zoning of rooms. Thanks to an integrated approach, in the shortest possible time we can transform your home into a stylish, comfortable place where you want to relax and spend all your free time.

    Turnkey interior design has many advantages, for example:

    • work at the facility of one team of professionals;
    • saving time;
    • cost savings;
    • complex execution of the whole range of works;
    • impressive results.


    Since the specialists of our studio will work in your house, the tasks set according to the design project will be carried out in stages, which will allow you to control the process. Ordering turnkey interior design is the best solution for those who seek to get a guaranteed result and the highest quality of work.

    We will make a home of any size cozy and comfortable for living. One-room apartment will become functional, stylish and even spacious in a short time. We will also think over and increase the space in a country house, cottage or townhouse.

    Professional interior design of an apartment in Kyiv. Kyiv Apartment design is a task that requires certain knowledge and professional skills, so it is better to trust it to the specialists. Regardless of how often you are at home, the premises should match your taste, ideas of comfort. All these details are taken into account by us when drawing up a design project, which would be implemented in the shortest possible time.

    The decoration of a metropolitan apartment demonstrates the appearance of the owners in the best possible way; therefore, we treat the requirements with all responsibility and seriousness. Many designers want to get things done quickly, which leads to a lot of mistakes. The interior design of apartments from our studio may take some time, but it will certainly please the owners of the home.

    The advantages of professional decoration of individual rooms and apartments are as follows:

    • reasonable investment of funds;
    • space optimization;
    • saving the customer’s time.

    Usually, repairs in an apartment are carried out if necessary, therefore, it requires significant, yet not always justified, investments. Unfortunately, not every specialist can create a high-quality project according to which the design of apartments will be carried out, and a person without the appropriate education will hardly be able to cope with this task.

    That is why we propose to order this service in our company in order to save ourselves from unnecessary expenses and to receive a quality guarantee. If you are interested in interior design Kyiv, its price will be formed depending on the complexity of the project, the cost of materials, as well as the timing of implementation.


    Office interior design


    Optimizing space is especially important when designing small-sized apartments. Incorrectly selected furniture or irrationally placed decorative elements which take up free space makes the apartment more compact. Our experts will solve the problem with the help of ergonomic built-in and transformable furniture, as well as through rational zoning of premises.

    Among other things, you do not have to spend your free time drawing up a detailed plan for decorating an apartment. Our experts themselves will offer developments, fresh ideas based on your wishes and preferences. Rich experience, versatility of work and maximum creativity that will help transform your home into a comfortable, spacious and cosy place.


    Office interior design in Kyiv.

    Office is the face of the organization that should look as presentable as possible. In addition, the office interior design should meet the needs of employees who spend the most time there.

    Our specialists will develop a holistic office concept, take into account the adjustment to the characteristics of the premises, functionality, as well as the style chosen by the customer. Office interior design also involves solving security issues, so specialists are working on various zoning options for each work and client place.

    The interior design of the premises can be made in a single laconic style, but also variable combinations of several directions are possible. We use professional equipment, modern materials and an integrated approach in our work, so the design will appeal not only to the heads, but also to the company’s employees.

    This service is inexpensive, so the cost of interior design will fit even into a limited enterprise budget.