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    When developing a planning solution, it was necessary to solve the following fundamental tasks: to adapt the corporate design project to the Ukrainian office and to make the interior comply with the requirements of the Ukrainian building codes and DBN for the working space, to implement the project and select furniture that matches the general corporate style.The color scheme of the office is based on a combination of corporate shades. The decoration is simple and elegant, using the corporate colors and geometry of the company logo.Geometric motifs are repeated on the floor, in acoustic elements, and in panels that separate recreation areas and informal communication.


    The main goal of the project was to adapt the company’s corporate design to a new office in Kiev, and to create a comfortable, modern office that takes into account the global SAP concept in the world and is focused on rapidly changing business needs. All office premises are equipped with modern audio and video systems, comfortable furniture.


    In the work on the project, namely the zoning of the office, it was important for us to get a space that can transform along with the growth of the company, so that everyone can feel organic.
    Now the space is planned in such a way that it can accommodate both the current and a much larger number of employees. At the same time, privacy and common areas remain balanced.
    To preserve the openness of the space as much as possible, without losing a single meter during zoning, light glass partitions were used.

    Sb tech

    Sb tech’s office was designed in the loft style, the designer managed to create multifunctional and informal interior, where every detail is emphasized corporate culture and company philosophy. The space is divided into conference hall, open space, reception, coffee points, Kitchen and lecture room, collaboration zone, lounge area, game room, meeting rooms, executive offices and meeting rooms Soft light colors were chosen for the bases, as well as contrasting ones, taking into account strictly the brand – beech company corporate red and orange colors. To keep it as open as possiblem space, without losing a single meter when zoning, lightweight glass partitions.

    EPAM Systems

    The new office space is located in a building with high ceilings – 6 meters, which had to be taken into account in the work. On an area of 3200 sq. m needed to create a multifunctional and universal space, equally convenient for all employees of the company.
    The main task in developing the design project was to create a flexible, efficient, stylish, but neutral space, not tied to a specific department of the company, but equally comfortable for employees of any level.
    It was necessary to create the most functional workspace with a well-thought-out open space, comfortable study rooms and recreation areas for effective work of employees.

    Registry Office

    Public building

    Sport Life Fitness club


    During his time with the company Mirovaya Karta were independently developed projects of 28 restaurants Sushiya (in Kiev and regions) that are currently put into practice. During the assessment of potential premises for restaurants it was established 60 preliminary designs of restaurants (with carrying out of measurements, plan furniture arrangement and layout process facilities).
    The interiors are made using the corporate style for the purpose of brand recognition, but at the same time, each restaurant has its own distinctive feature (interior element, features of the planning solution, etc.).

    Dark side

    The unusual dark restaurant lies in the fact that the guests eat in complete darkness, feeling all the most subtle facets of taste and concentrating solely on food.That darkness is able to turn your idea about food. The guests are served by specially trained staff in night vision devices, which allow the waiters to quickly and accurately fulfill the orders of the visitors. The bright rooms are very atmospheric: the brickwork of the old Podil, stained glass, massive furniture and natural skins.

    Brazil Restaurant

    It is 2-storey restaurant in the center of Kiev. It is light, atmospheric, cozy restaurant for large companies with an original concept.With the wall murals, atectonic ceiling, custom made lamps and Flos chandeliers, designer furniture.


    The project of the Italian restaurant Pastalini was developed on a turnkey basis. From the general concept of the restaurant (interior, decor, furniture) and the development of technological zones to the selection of images for printed materials, the coordination of the form for the staff and the search for landscaping for the interior. Light, airy interior is perfect for an Italian establishment.

    CUP - Coffeepoint at the airport

    The style of the Coffee point CUP at the airport is mixed.That somewhere between loft and Rustico.. A feature of the style is the use of natural materials in their raw form or rough processing, characterized by simplicity, environmental friendliness and even a certain rustic brutality. It looks especially bright in contrast to the surrounding interior of the airport. In the interior, modern and professional technology is combined with boards and a wooden tabletop, diligently “stamped” with traces of coffee cups. Economical and surprising in its simplicity decor: wicker baskets for fruits and small goods, compositions from paper cups, boxes in the form of shelves.

    Il Molino

    Modern cozy interior and excellent Italian cuisine – everything is created for enjoying the right pizza. Hand-painted walls, bright accents of lamps, wooden furniture, fabric sofas, a dark ceiling with open communications – this is a combination of something authentic with a modern metropolis.

    "Babayka" Public building

    Entertainment and educational center for children from 1 to 14.Simple shapes and simple colors were used in the design.In such a place you can celebrate your birthday, go to classes, relax and play.Wall painting imitating children’s coloring is perfectly suited for the reception area. Thus, children perceive this place as something created by them.The drawings are simple and recognizable. The theme of the earth is traced in the interior. Stylized trees made of painted wooden slats, floral wall paintings, colors and of course a lot of life-affirming green.

    Showroom for black caviar sales

    There are no artificial materials in the project, as well as modern motives. No smooth lines and floristic patterns – only sharpness, angularity, geometry or abstraction, that is, there are also elements of “Hi-tech”. The colors used are mainly neutral tones: black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown.

    Tequila House

    The Tequila House restaurant has long been a favorite, atmospheric and well-known authentic place among the people of Kiev.The restaurant was opened in October 1998 by the group of companies the Mirovaya Karta in a historic building in Podil.Here they invariably serve delicious food and prepare the best “Margarita” – there are more than 10 types of popular cocktails on the menu. In January 2016, the restaurant was reconstructedNow Tequila House is a new, more modern Tequila bar and Mexican restaurant.The interior of the Tequila House restaurant on Spasskaya is decorated in the Latin American style, with elements of the original Mexican culture: colorful sombreros and ponchos, exotic cacti and bright chili peppers. But at the same time it is adapted for a European.

    Vkontakte (Kiev)

    Interior design proposal of the Kiev branch of “VKontakteThe unusual location of a small office area on three floors dictated non-standard planning solutions
    Bright colors in the interior are associated with the spirit of the company, whose employees are not more than 25 years old.


    The main objective of the project was to reflect the corporate standards for organizing the workspace, engineering content and design within the rented premises, while preserving their main “asset” – space and openness.It was necessary to create a comfortable negotiation zone, a place for a profitable demonstration of the company’s products, a spacious conference center and a training center, fill the space with transformable and multimedia elements.
    From the reception desk are located waiting areas and fast negotiations. If necessary, they can be transformed and fit as well for receptions and presentationsThe conference area is equipped with modular furniture, from which groups of different shapes and sizes can be easily formed.The resulting space is fully reflects the corporate values and image of the company – innovation, development, openness and transparency, and corresponds to the company’s corporate colors.

    Jones Lang Lasalle

    Indoors, the emphasis was on the texture and harmoniously adjusted proportions of open space and meeting rooms. The interior is surprising richness of the materials and textures that allows both customers and employees feel comfortableThe presence of bright visual and tactile impressions in Open-space and meeting areas contributes to the positive mood of visitors and employees. Thanks to panoramic windows, you can not only enjoy the view from the window, but also work with sufficient natural background light.


    Much attention was paid to the principle of “transparency” of spaces. Maintaining a laconic interior design, the walls are painted in neutral colors. The main focus is on furniture of rich colors. Opposite the bright reception there is a small waiting area with comfortable and laconic red furniture.In order to give greater significance and solidity to the VIP-office, natural leather is used in the decoration of the furniture.In the elongated open space, for comfortable work, the spaces for employees are divided into compartments with the help of low cabinets.This arrangement allowed us to preserve the overall free space andorganize separate work areas.


    The office has been designed so that the workspace has been the most open to natural light.The severity of the workspace contrasts with the more lively lounge atmosphere, which emphasizes local culture in the wall decoration, creating a lively, fun and stimulating space. Brightness, interactivity, social attractiveness, functionality – all this is peculiar to the office Booking.com companies in Kiev.

    Design Prof

    The main task of the designers when working on the interior was to create a modern, comfortable, functional space for employees and clients with a cozy homely atmosphereDespite the small area of the premises (100m2), the office is designed for 6 workplaces, there is a soft zone for informal communication, a library for storing a large amount of printed materials, a kitchen and a meeting room. The zoning functions in the interior are performed by furniture, lighting and installed light glass partitions, which do not violate the concept of open space.The design of the room is based on the play of contrasts, the combination of stylistic rough wall decoration and ultra-modern furniture of simple geometric shapes, as well as decorative elements (paintings, sculptures and hanging chandeliers).Eye-catching details and original accents, combined with an unusual layout, created an unconventionally bright look for the office and a homely atmosphere.

    Salon Joli

    The main goal of the design project was to create a small, comfortable and functional beauty salon, which will dispose to confidential communication with visitors and tune in to a relaxing mood.


    The main task of architects and designers at work on the project was to create a comfortable for employees and customers with available space and a cozy atmosphere. The interior should maintain a positive image of the company, to demonstrate the core values and principles, which the company adheres to the Customer.The interior uses corporate colors – green and a range of blue and purple shadesMulti-colored chairs, armchairs at the reception, bright paintings and wallpaper on the walls add emotion to the working atmosphere. Creating the interior of the space, we tried to maintain and multiply the feeling of lightness and naturalness.


    The project was given the task of fairly dark room to create a light-filled space, clean and functional. Almost all rooms are dominated by light colors and many green islands.. The result is an office that reflects the dynamism of the company and at the same time is comfortable and functional to work with.

    BC “Toronto”

    Spectacular space filled with air, light and color. The ceiling with integrated lighting and engineering has become a defining feature in the design of the entrance hall of the business center.The concept was based on an unusual ceiling with geometrically different panels, which allow using a wide variety of lighting solutions, ventilation grilles and other necessary devices. Glossy surfaces, due to the play of reflections, visually lighten and expand the space.In general, the overall space turned out to be dynamic, light and spacious due to the unusual geometric mosaics, play with dimensions and interior details.

    Shell Office

    All design work and design were carried out in accordance with the corporate requirements of Shell worldwide and in accordance with the international LEED 2009 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. The office space is designed so that desktops have 90% natural daylight. And the use of energy-saving technologies in the development of engineering solutions for the control of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, functional lighting and the automation of the water consumption system can save up to 40% on electricity and water consumption costs

    Apartment in the style of minimalism

    Classic style apartment

    Contemporary style apartment

    Loft style apartment

    Private house

    The main task of the project was to create a modern, functional housing, using the latest technologies and materials, which, at the same time, was affordable. The project of the house is designed in the style of minimalism.

    Scandinavian style

    Apartment DELUX

    Apartment with dressing room