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    Coffee shop design


    Interior design of public institutions in Kyiv. Our studio in Kyiv offers such services as professional design of any premises, including catering establishments, beauty salons, shops, etc. We suggest paying special attention to the design of bars, restaurants and coffee houses. The fact is that in such cases it is impossible to create an interior without specialists.


    Opening a place where guests could not only have a snack or drink, but also feel comfortable, relaxed is not an easy task. The owners should approach the design of the catering establishment with their soul. Cafe design is one of the directions of DesignProf work. When developing a design project, we focus our passion not only to the comfort of visitors, but also to the recognition of the café or bar.


    One of the most common and rational solutions is dim lighting, modest colours, soft and comfortable furniture. Pictures and collections of objects, as well as original table decorations can be seen as decorative elements. Coffee shop design is based on two basic concepts:


    • easiness;
    • lightness


    The main aim of such public institutions is the serving of aromatic coffee and fresh pastries. All this is situating to relaxation and good time spending. A good option would be to use pastel colours, decorative posters and photos with images of cakes and coffee beans. The optimal solution is neoclassical style, which combines traditional elegance and modern comfort.


    Restaurant design


    Restaurant design is also an ongoing service. For professionals in the design of such institutions, there is a lot to turn around. There is a huge diversity of restaurant solutions that can be combined successfully and in a balanced way.


    The specificity of the establishments implies a meal and pleasant communication, so the setting must be appropriate. Depending on the concept, the interior design project can be pompous or sophisticated, innovative or combined. Thus, the future success of the restaurant and its recognition in the capital depend on the correct approach to design. Restaurants of national cuisine most often need ethnic design. For example, an Italian restaurant will be decorated with the following elements:


    • natural wood furniture covered with pastel paint;
    • racks with preservation, jars with herbs and spices;
    • light curtains with floral print;
    • limoncello or any other traditional drink of our own production, etc.


    Of course, Uzbek cuisine establishments will be decorated in its appropriate style, using all kinds of accents of spices and meat. A connection to local cuisine is the basis of all design, and such restaurants are very popular.


    The design of the premises is developed by leading experts who take into account not only the external characteristics, but also gastronomic establishments. Therefore, we provide effective zoning, using only high-quality finishing materials, modern equipment and correctly selected furniture. Thanks to this, it is possible to arrange an ergonomic seating arrangement for guests, providing the most comfortable working conditions for the employees of the establishment.


    At the request of the customer, open areas can be installed, which will clearly demonstrate to the guest the fascinating process of cooking. Ultimately, the design project, thought out to the smallest detail, is immediately implemented by a team of experts.


    Design project of apartments


    If we compare the design project of apartments with the design of restaurants in terms of pricing, then the owners of the last one benefit in many ways. The cost of services is almost equal, and due to the high attendance, the payoff of the repairing works is possible in the shortest possible time.

    Our studio also offers to order the design of a beauty salon, spa center and other premises.

    High-quality design of the capital’s office from leading experts. The office of the company demonstrates its corporate image and level; therefore, it is the face of the entire organization. A number of requirements are imposed on the design of an office space that professionals must take into account.


    Office space design


    First, the design of offices implies compliance with the corporate style that is already established in the company. It is reflected in the details designed by applying various logos and other symbols to the surface. Secondly, office design should emphasize comfort.

    Employees who have to work indoors should be provided with comfortable workplaces and a seating area. To achieve this goal, specialists carry out rational zoning of the premises, not forgetting about waiting areas for visitors. Also, the design project of the office implies a layout in three possible types:


    • open;
    • closed;
    • combined.


    The first option suitable for persistent teamwork and, accordingly, the interaction of all employees. Such offices do not have an explicit division into separate rooms, therefore, when creating a design project, the emphasis must be on zoning. Experts divide the whole room into separate functional zones, where each has its own purpose.


    The design of closed office premises implies a clear division of the entire space into offices. In this case the uniqueness of such design consists of a clear spatial organization and installation of permanent equipment and furniture.


    The combined office unites the characteristics of the previous types. It is the most rational in terms of comfort. The specificity of such office design is, on the one hand, provide each employee with necessary individual workplace, and on the other, separate space for collective solution of problems etc.


    Office design Kyiv is an inexpensive service, since it does not involve the use of extravagant decorative elements, handicrafts, etc. That is why today even small firms can afford professional office decoration to enhance their image and ensure comfortable working conditions.