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  • Restaurant Tequila House

    Customer: Tequila House Company
    Object type: A restaurant
    Services: Design
    Designer: Maria Brecher

    Tequila House

    The Tequila House restaurant has long been a favorite, atmospheric and well-known authentic place among the people of Kiev.The restaurant was opened in October 1998 by the group of companies the Mirovaya Karta in a historic building in Podil.Here they invariably serve delicious food and prepare the best “Margarita” – there are more than 10 types of popular cocktails on the menu. In January 2016, the restaurant was reconstructedNow Tequila House is a new, more modern Tequila bar and Mexican restaurant.The interior of the Tequila House restaurant on Spasskaya is decorated in the Latin American style, with elements of the original Mexican culture: colorful sombreros and ponchos, exotic cacti and bright chili peppers. But at the same time it is adapted for a European.

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