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    Customer: Tiens Company
    Object type: Office
    Services: Design
    Designer: Architectural group "TRK"


    The main objective of the project was to reflect the corporate standards for organizing the workspace, engineering content and design within the rented premises, while preserving their main “asset” – space and openness.It was necessary to create a comfortable negotiation zone, a place for a profitable demonstration of the company’s products, a spacious conference center and a training center, fill the space with transformable and multimedia elements.
    From the reception desk are located waiting areas and fast negotiations. If necessary, they can be transformed and fit as well for receptions and presentationsThe conference area is equipped with modular furniture, from which groups of different shapes and sizes can be easily formed.The resulting space is fully reflects the corporate values and image of the company – innovation, development, openness and transparency, and corresponds to the company’s corporate colors.

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