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    Customer: Sb tech Company
    Object type: Office
    Services: general contract; design; design and installation of engineering systems (all sections); interior finishing works; installation of all-glass, aluminum partitions; furniture supply
    Designer: Architectural group "TRK"

    Sb tech

    Sb tech’s office was designed in the loft style, the designer managed to create multifunctional and informal interior, where every detail is emphasized corporate culture and company philosophy. The space is divided into conference hall, open space, reception, coffee points, Kitchen and lecture room, collaboration zone, lounge area, game room, meeting rooms, executive offices and meeting rooms Soft light colors were chosen for the bases, as well as contrasting ones, taking into account strictly the brand – beech company corporate red and orange colors. To keep it as open as possiblem space, without losing a single meter when zoning, lightweight glass partitions.

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