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    Customer: EPAM Systems Company
    Object type: Office
    Services: general contract; design; design and installation of engineering systems (all sections); interior finishing works; installation of all-glass, aluminum partitions; furniture supply
    Designer: Architectural group "TRK"

    EPAM Systems

    The new office space is located in a building with high ceilings – 6 meters, which had to be taken into account in the work. On an area of 3200 sq. m needed to create a multifunctional and universal space, equally convenient for all employees of the company.
    The main task in developing the design project was to create a flexible, efficient, stylish, but neutral space, not tied to a specific department of the company, but equally comfortable for employees of any level.
    It was necessary to create the most functional workspace with a well-thought-out open space, comfortable study rooms and recreation areas for effective work of employees.

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