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  • Office design by Design Prof

    Customer: Design Prof Company
    Object type: Office
    Services: Design
    Designer: Architectural group "TRK"

    Design Prof

    The main task of the designers when working on the interior was to create a modern, comfortable, functional space for employees and clients with a cozy homely atmosphereDespite the small area of the premises (100m2), the office is designed for 6 workplaces, there is a soft zone for informal communication, a library for storing a large amount of printed materials, a kitchen and a meeting room. The zoning functions in the interior are performed by furniture, lighting and installed light glass partitions, which do not violate the concept of open space.The design of the room is based on the play of contrasts, the combination of stylistic rough wall decoration and ultra-modern furniture of simple geometric shapes, as well as decorative elements (paintings, sculptures and hanging chandeliers).Eye-catching details and original accents, combined with an unusual layout, created an unconventionally bright look for the office and a homely atmosphere.

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