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  • Public building CUP – Coffeepoint at the airport

    Customer: Company CUP - Coffeepoint at the airport
    Object type: DesignPublic buildings
    Services: Design
    Designer: Maria Brecher

    CUP - Coffeepoint at the airport

    The style of the Coffee point CUP at the airport is mixed.That somewhere between loft and Rustico.. A feature of the style is the use of natural materials in their raw form or rough processing, characterized by simplicity, environmental friendliness and even a certain rustic brutality. It looks especially bright in contrast to the surrounding interior of the airport. In the interior, modern and professional technology is combined with boards and a wooden tabletop, diligently “stamped” with traces of coffee cups. Economical and surprising in its simplicity decor: wicker baskets for fruits and small goods, compositions from paper cups, boxes in the form of shelves.

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