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    Customer: Construction and engineering company
    Object type: Office
    Services: design; general contract; design and installation of engineering systems (all sections); interior finishing works; installation of glass, aluminum partitions; fire safety system; furniture supply
    Designer: Architectural group "TRK"

    Construction company

    Play of textures, colors and non-standard decor.

    The new office of the company is a product of a synergy of creative thought and the most modern building technologies. The office needed to rationally accommodate more than 70 employees, provide an open workspace and isolated offices, meeting rooms, a dining area and other functional areas.

    Our working group carefully analyzed all the wishes of the employees – from the presence of a large number of meeting rooms, zones of informal communication. And also the unification of specialists from different departments and teams in one common location in order to establish operational communication between personnel. There were no trifles, all the nuances were taken into account: who is more convenient to work with, how much space is required to store documentation and working materials, etc.

    At work, people spend a significant part of their time, so the office sets you up for business and at the same time is perceived warmly and positively. As a result, we managed to achieve a balance between practicality, beauty and comfort.

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