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  • The interior design of a beauty salon and spa centers is an integral part of the concept of aesthetics, a visiting card of an institution that emphasizes its style, subtly conveys philosophy.


    A well-thought-out layout, color scheme, style interior design, convenient arrangement of equipment has an impact on the internal perception of salon visitors and on the work of employees.


    Therefore, at the design stage, for the maximum comfort of customers, it is very important to create a cozy atmosphere, having thought over to the smallest detail the interior design of the room. Every corner, every zone must be properly organized, differ in functionality and ergonomics, carry a certain energy that sets you in a positive mood.


    Perfect design – what’s the secret?


    Thinking over the general concept of interior and design, drawing up a project for a beauty salon, it is necessary to choose the right corporate style of design, which will be tracked in the smallest details, harmoniously combined with each other. When choosing design solutions, it is equally important to take into account the general theme, the target audience for which the services of the beauty industry enterprise are designed.


    • Traditional classics with perfect workmanship, luxury elements, baroque style will impress respectable ladies or VIPs with a high position in society.
    • Cheerful modern, hi-tech, minimalism, a room decorated in ethnic style – for progressive youth, democratic teenagers.
    • Small-sized rooms can be decorated in the Provence style, which harmoniously combines simplicity and sophistication.
    • When decorating the interior, depending on the chosen concept, you can safely combine elements of several styles.


    Layout, color scheme


    The correct interior design of a beauty salon, regardless of the footage of the room, will work to increase the reputation and, therefore, increase profitability. In addition to interior design, it is equally important to rationally use this area. The salon should combine style and convenience. When composing a design project for a beauty salon, planning the interior arrangement, with the help of a well-thought-out layout, you can divide the room into separate functional zones or organize the space without physically dividing the area.


    As for the color scheme of interior decoration, preference should be given to neutral, monochrome, warm, pastel tones, which contribute to the relaxation of customers, while emphasizing the status of the institution. Each shade has an impact on the visual perception. By choosing the right color scheme for the interior design, you can create a special atmosphere in the room.


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