How to choose an interior design studio

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  • If you have to radically change the interior in an apartment or in an office space, you must carefully choose a design studio. Consider the selection criteria


    If you have to radically change the interior in an apartment or in an office space, you must carefully choose a design studio. Each person individually perceives the environment; therefore, it is important when changing the environment to understand his taste and preferences. When the interior design is in harmony with individual preferences, it will be comfortable and pleasant to stay in the room.

    When choosing a room style, it is important to consider some points that affect the final result. The design of commercial premises, for example, is especially demanding in terms of decoration, because the success of a business largely depends on the appearance of the surrounding space.

    Criteria for choosing a studio and designer

    1. Availability of a portfolio.

    Each professional design studio has a portfolio that includes developed projects. Thus, the Design Prof studio presents to the attention of clients an excellent portfolio that gives an objective and most complete picture of the quality of the services offered. A detailed acquaintance with the finished projects allows you to see not only the beauty of the design, but also the functionality of the converted premises, its practicality.

    Studying completed projects, it is easier to find a designer or architect. The Design Prof studio not only has a common portfolio, but also presents separate lists of works by designers and architects. Getting acquainted with the work of our specialists, you can evaluate the level of their professionalism using ready-made examples.

    1. Ease of communication.

    When communicating with a designer or designer, it should be noted how easy the conversation is. In the process of remodeling the premises, you will have to meet with the performer more than once, when comfortable communication will help to achieve an excellent result. When discussing interior design with a designer, be sure to pay attention to his understanding of the individual details that make up the overall image.

    1. Judge by work, not age.

    There is no need to give up the services of novice designers – often such specialists offer non-standard solutions that differ in creativity. When performing, say, the design of commercial premises, the original design of the office will show the non-standard thinking of the company’s management, which will further attract customers.

    We recommend focusing on the above principles to choose exactly the designer who will bring you the desired effect. The effect of comfort, coziness and pleasure from being in such premises. Therefore, the choice is obvious. You can contact Design Prof company and clarify all the nuances you are interested in.


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