Features of hotel and hotel interior design

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  • The hotel business is actively moving forward. The interior decoration of the hotel speaks of its status, therefore, modern hotels take care of the interior design

    The hotel business is actively moving forward. The interior decoration of the hotel speaks of its status, therefore large, presentable and small modern hotels take care of the interior decoration of the premises and modernize it with the emergence of new trends. Business professionals know that when creating a hotel’s design, it is important to combine uniqueness, style and ergonomics in the most comfortable environment for the guests.

    Features of creating a hotel interior design

    You need to understand that a hotel design project has different principles than the design of an apartment or a residential building. When developing a project of hotel decoration, it is necessary to create an interior in such a way as to maintain integrity, the unity of style from the hall to the last room.

    Every detail is important in the design of a hotel space. The hall is the first to greet Your guests. It defines the first impression, the level of service. The interior decoration can overwhelm luxury and graceful details, or, conversely, be laconic and minimalistic. It is the optimal choice of furniture, materials for decoration that determines the attractiveness of the space for the guests.

    The principles of ergonomics are also important, which help to conveniently and safely create the design of the room.

    Hotel interior design project from professionals of DesignProf

    DesignProf studio develops a hotel design project, taking into account the unique characteristics of each space. Thus, the optimal variant of the interior solution is born.

    It is also important to consider that the design of the hotel is created not only according to aesthetic requirements, but also taking into account safety and sanitary standards. The working process in a hotel project, in addition to aesthetic developments, should imply:

    • Placementofvideo surveillance systems, necessary equipment for security;
    • Communications;
    • Possibilityofcorrect operation of engineering systems.

    Properly selected finishing materials combine resistance to fire, moisture and dirt. The development of the hotel’s design project includes the choice of plumbing and lighting, electrical and water supply systems, and air conditioning. This is necessary not only to maintain the desired level of comfort, but also for the correct operation of the enterprise.

    Are you planning to get involved in the design of a large hotel or small hostel? Working on the project of such premises requires special skills and experience. That is why we advise you to contact the DesignProf studio. Our designers will take care of your hotel, creating an optimal interior solution!


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