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    Interior designer services


    Interior designer. Interior design in Kyiv.


    Interior design combines rational and bold solutions that fully match the tasks set by our Client. Our studio offers not only the services of an interior designer, but also the complex work of an experienced team of specialists who are able to accomplish any orders of any difficulty.


    For a long time, we have specialized in the design of city apartments, offices, offices, country houses and small townhouses. The advantages of our design studio are:


    • representation of individual work;
    • affordable prices;
    • efficiency;
    • thoughtful design projects.


    You can order the interior design of one room or the whole house. We also propose to consider the possibility of realizing an exclusive project that will distinguish your home from others, emphasize individuality and impeccable taste.


    In the process of creating a project, an interior designer Kyiv will take into account all your wishes and preferences, offer several creative options for decorating the premises, and then after Your approval the works will begin.


    We take great care to ensure that your funds are spent wisely. Therefore, specialists draw up a detailed estimate, preliminary discuss with the customer the amount of materials, their cost. After the estimate is approved, preparatory and basic work will begin.


    Country house design. If you own a summer cottage or a modern cottage, we suggest ordering a turnkey design. The service implies the implementation of the entire range of works in the complex, starting from scratch. Specialists of a wide profile will work at the facility, who in a short time will offer fresh and reasonable ideas for the design of rooms.


    If you are most interested in home comfort and total relaxation, we can fully provide it. In this case, the interior designer suggests paying attention to the classic and Provencal style. Aged pieces of furniture with carved elements, exquisite sconces and lamps, candlesticks and fireplaces will look harmonious. Decorative stone and wooden masonry, ruffled tablecloths, paintings on the walls, as well as weightless curtains will complement the overall picture.


    For fans of modern trends, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with more restrained solutions. We will make sure that your home looks stylish, original and as comfortable as possible for living and resting. Interior designer Kiev will offer a choice of several room design options. Modern styles are focused on comfort, so we can equip your home with functional, practical and beautiful furniture. Decorative elements will be selected in accordance with the chosen style.


    In any case, the interior designer will not disappoint you with his or her vision of the future picture and will also gladly take into account your own wishes, requirements and, of course, taste.

    Office design in Kiev.


    The most affordable price is the service of design decoration of office premises. Previously, only large companies could afford to order such plan, but today the service is available even to “young” companies.


    The services of an interior designer will allow you to carry out a competent planning, zoning of the premises for the places of employees, clients, and a secretary. In our work, we take into consideration not only the company’s image, which must be impeccable, but also the comfort of employees. We are confident that we will satisfy your needs to make your office become a perfect face of the company.